AdBlocking with AdblockPlus

Genuinely, one of the best plugins I have ever used. Seriously! You have a few options after installing (Which can be done on any major browser – and theres even a “AdBlockPlus” Browser on the IOS/Android Market). I have installed AdBlockPlus on Chrome, and FireFox both on Windows 10, and have also installed the AdBlockPlus Browser for IOS. I am going to do a review on the browser as well, later on in this article, however, the main focus is the actual Plugin.


The first thing before you can use a App or plugin (called Extension in Chrome) – is installation. I installed it directly from the AdBlock Website, you click the button (Understand those TOS by the way before installing, just incase) – A Dropdown asking you if you wish to add the extension appears, you click Add, bam, it is added.

Some Oversight – First Uses 

Now, the whole purpose of AdBlockPlus, is not neccessarily to remove ALL ads, but ones who don’t comply with standards, much of these standards are similar to Google’s Ranking standards as well, as hundreds of other well established companies/projects standards. During the initial first uses, you can already tell it works, its instant, makes your webpages load faster, less popups, and annoying ads overlapping links and words on a page.

As I mentioned above though, it don’t block all ads, or does it? It isn’t a hidden feature you can see it in the docs, but you will need to uncheck the “Allow some acceptable ads” and afterwhich all ads that are even fallen under the acceptable ads policy will be blocked.

The next, disadvantage I suppose is the plugin don’t remove the “Whitespace” on all pages where ads normally appear. Generally, the way it goes is, the adblocker filters through a set of parameters to block those ads, but sometimes doesn’t pass the parameters to remove the ad elements (where the ads previously were displayed on the page at). It isn’t neccessary a disadvantage, but it makes the website sloppy. Some pages (and well, most of them I have tested) do cover up those areas pretty well.


It works! It Keeps Score, and Yes it is secure, and private.

Overall, this is the best one out of them all, that I have seen. It is secure, and most importantly, private. They don’t collect your information. The only information “collected” is the stats of how many ads are blocked on the current page, and a total number from the initial installation. However, I do not think this is sent back to ABP and if it is, it is done so anonymously, so nothing is known about you or your browsing habits.

DownSides to Ad-Free Experiences – Conclusion

Virtually there isn’t any direct downsides, but if you are a “neat freak” or have some sort of OCD with design on webpages, the blank space may drive you nuts.

So in general, this is the best way to get an Ad-Free Luxarious browsing experience. Absolutely Free.

Some of the same features of the Adblock Plugin are discussed in the First – Time use review of Adblock Browser. Continue reading for those details!

AdBlock Browser

Adblock Browser is a very light App only taking 19.7 MB of space, a fraction of FireFox or Chrome, so not only can you enjoy an adfree browsing experience, you get to have a safe, and secure browser, that is small, and takes up virtually NO space!

The Ad-On features of the browser include (also included in the plugin for desktop) – Anti-Tracking, [disable]Malware Domains, Disable Social media buttons, Disable Anti-Ad blocking messages. There is also a section to ad “Whitelist” sites, and Acceptable ads options. “Allow Nonintrusive ads” will allow some ads to show, that are acceptable with strict standards.

Disappointing, I didn’t seem to find some of the features that most browsers have, Private Browsing, limited Search engine options, it also seems to lack speed, now while the desktop plugin actually makes some webpages faster, it seems to actually slow them down on the AdBlock Browser app. Text Sizing for History, bookmarks and the dashboard are super small on my Iphone7+ screen. So this is really a nice app for ad-free experiences but you will risk some of the handy features if you want this to be your “go to” browser.

Even though there are some very disappointing points about the Adblock Browser, we must remember, this is still “new” technology, you can’t use plugins on Mobile devices, and porting from one language to another to be compatible with different platforms is difficult and can be time consuming, and troublesome.

I would not use Adblock Browser as my first choice for browsing on my phone but if I had an ad ridden article I wanted to read, I would use it. BUT, the next question is what is the point if I can use ReaderMode on IOS safari? Not really sure. I guess it just feels like a luxary, to be able to browse without having to use or hit a button to read an article, being able to instantly enjoy one without an ad or popup is quite enjoyable!

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